Magdiel Sanchez, 35 From Oklahoma City

A Deaf Oklahoma City Man Was Killed By Cops

An Oklahoma City man was killed by police after a citizen reported an hit and run accident around 8:15pm. Magdiel Sanchez did not obey the traffic law during this incident and was being aggressive while interacting with police officers. The officers from Oklahoma City Police...

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Three Deaf Women Murdered in Haiti!

Deaf Haitian Women Murdered!

In Haiti, three deaf women were killed in city of Leveque. The victims were friends and out looking for food stock in the Haitian capital when they left their village which led them on a 20 miles trip by foot due to lack of transportation....

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Robert Wright,36 ~ Jan 15, 2015

Robert Wright, 36, murdered by deaf friends in Melbourne.

Robert Wright of Melbourne was murdered by his friends and a girlfriend. Wright was pushed off the balcony and was hanging on the railing until one of the suspects released his grip which lead to his death. The fall was two story high and he suffered head...

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Jenio Eugenio – Las Vegas, NV

Jenio Eugenio Killed In Auto Accident in Las Vegas

A deaf woman was killed in Wednesday’s horrific crash involving a suspected drunk driver. She worked as an Uber driver. Family and friends say Jenio Eugenio was driving home from work, just four weeks on the job when she never made it home. Despite being...

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